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Wots… Uh, the deal?

March 31, 2011

Terry Francona released his opening day lineup. Good decision benching Drew in favor of Cameron against lefty C.J. Wilson, but the inclusion of Ortiz doesn’t make sense. There’s absolutely no reason he should be there, especially since, over the past three seasons, he stopped hitting left-handed pitching (.218 batting average).

And then there’s the another interesting little stat; last season, Wilson held lefthanded hitters to a .144 batting average, which was, oh, I don’t know, the lowest over the past 35 years.

I know Tito has loyalty to guys like Ortiz, but there’s also this thing called putting your team in a position to win.

In fact, unless the Sox are facing a lefty who doesn’t do particularly well against left-handed hitters (a rarity), both Cameron and Jed Lowrie should be in the starting lineup (with Lowrie playing third base, Youk shifting to first base, and A-Gon DHing).

Let’s face reality: Ortiz is a good hitter—if he’s facing a righty with average to below-average stuff. But the guy is past his prime, and it’s become painfully obvious that he can’t hit lefties, so let’s cut the swan song short and get a young, switch-hitter like Lowrie some at bats.

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